Meet the new recruits.

We have 9 candidates currently available in London.

All have been put through their paces with our extensive selection process and pre apprenticeship training programme. They have gained and improved valuable foundational skills in HTML, CSS, php and JavaScript. We have also done a good deal of work with content management systems, in particular Wordpress and Drupal.

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How it works

  1. Selection - We find candidates with the correct aptitude and enthusiasm. We screen and test them with a variety of individual and group activities, selecting 12 for the next stage.
  2. Bootcamp - 12 applicants will be invited to a two week skills boot-camp to ready them for entering the workplace.
  3. Placement - We train the applicants for two days a month and fully support your business and your team throughout the year.

Costs and Funding

  • Through government funding our excellent training is available at no cost to business* 
  • We also offer free consultancy and support to businesses and teams to make sure you get the most out of hiring an apprentice.
  • As the employer, you would pay the apprentice's salary, minimum by law is just £3.30 per hour but all employers we work with are paying at least £5 ph ~ £9K pa

* The training itself is match funded by the government and grants are available to employers to cover costs so that, in the vast majority of cases, it is cost neutral.



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