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Help to build the next generation of
Drupal Developers
- and your team

A government funded technical apprenticeship scheme for Drupal development.

12 month programme of industry led, learner focussed training and mentored on-the-job experience.

Here's Dries talking about the scheme at Drupalcon Dublin last year

How it works

  1. Selection - We find candidates with the correct aptitude and enthusiasm. We screen and test them with a variety of individual and group activities, selecting 12 for the next stage.
  2. Bootcamp - 12 applicants will be invited to a two week Drupal bootcamp to ready them for entering the workplace.
  3. Placement - We train the applicants for two days a month and fully support your business and your team throughout the year.

Costs and Funding

Non-Levy Paying Companies (most SMEs)

Training is 90% funded by the government so cost to business is just £120 a month.

Levy Paying Companies

Costs for the training is £14,400 per candidate recouped directly through the levy system.


As the employer, you would pay the apprentice's salary, minimum by law is just £3.30 per hour but all employers we work with are paying at least £5 ph ~ £9K pa